Academic Publishers

Academic Publishers differ in their orientation. What makes Cambria different is its mission, program, and benefits to researchers and libraries. The mission of Cambria Press is to establish long-term, cooperative, and collaborative relationships with authors, researchers, and librarians by providing editorial, publishing, and marketing services that increase the value of the research to the author and the academic community.

Academic Publishers might stress transactions (simply selling copies of the book as best as they can for a short period of time) or relationships. The Cambria program stresses close partnerships with authors. Authors benefit from publishing with Cambria because proposals are evaluated quickly, manuscripts are carefully edited and then typeset into book proofs, titles are published promptly, and marketing is active through online and offline channels.

Academic Publishers often demand grants, subsidies, or payments for publication. However, Cambria Press never requires grants, subsidies, or payments for publication. Cambria Press also prepares a confidential peer-review file for tenure and promotion committees.

Academic Publishers typically do not focus on the needs of libraries and researchers. However, the Cambria program provides great benefits to researchers and librarians. Cambria maintains high peer-review standards, including a double-blind process. Cambria books are published in all formats demanded by today's market including hardcover, softcover, xml, and pdf. Cambria books are also available for reading devices such as the iPad, Nook, Kindle, and associated software. Acquisition librarians and reviewers have full access to the Cambria library for evaluation. Complete and accurate bibliographic data are provided. Cambria also strongly encourages the review of Cambria books by the community of scholars, including academic journals.