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Farmers' Markets: Success, Failure, and Management Ecology By Garry Stephenson ...

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Farmers' Markets:


Saturday, August 20. The peaches are the size of my fist. Only August can do that. It’s 8:35 a.m., and as I walk toward the market, there are people already walking away with bags of produce. The market doesn’t officially open until 9:00. It’s a perfect morning.

In the market, a customer slowly strolls. An empty canvas bag swings from one hand, coffee in the other. Kids wave sunflowers like wands. There is the occasional whiff of basil. A mountain of sweet corn fills the backs of two pickup trucks parked side by side—Four ears for $1. A baby-less stroller is filled with flowers and greens; dad offers a piece of scone to the toddler balancing alongside.

There are about 43 vendors today. Some vendors require multiple spaces, enlarging the scale of the market. There are vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, nursery plants, bakery products, fresh fish, cheeses, meats, nuts, mushrooms, honey, and more.