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Narrating the American West: New Forms of Historical Memory By Jordana Finnegan ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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Narrating the American West:


“I was Indigenous and… They Made me Indigent”: Colonialism and New Western Narrative

[T]he Danns have longstanding unauthorized use in the area…The BLM is required to enforce grazing regulations for all public land users…The Supreme Court ruled in 1985 that any aboriginal tribal rights to the land had been extinguished with payment of $26 million to the Western Shoshone.

—“Dann Trespass,” Bureau of Land Management News Release (Sep 2002)

Shoshone law as the Creator gave it to us is not like the law of the United States where every year or almost every year Congress sits in session and makes new laws and does away with its old ones and so forth. Shoshone law once it’s in place that’s it, unless the Creator makes the sun come up in the west and sink in the east. Then we would change our law.