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Web Site Public Relations: How Corporations Build and Maintain Relationships Online ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction and Underlying Assumptions
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Web Site Public Relations:

Chapter 1

Introduction and Underlying Assumptions

“Cogito, ergo sum,” said Descartes, claiming the philosophical proof of human existence in the act of thinking. “I have a Web site, therefore I am” might very well be the translation of Descartes’ statement from 17th-century philosophy into 21st-century public relations. A World Wide Web presence has become as common and necessary as being listed in the telephone book. “The Internet is like a store front for world business. If you’re not there, you’re not even close to doing business this day and age,” said a public relations practitioner (White & Raman, 2000). Web sites have become necessary public relations tools. The ubiquitous presence of public relations Web sites proves that organizations understand this need and attempt to meet it. Consequently, Web sites have also become an important topic for public relations research.