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Gateway to the Dao-Field: Essays for the Awakening Educator By Avraham Cohen ...

Chapter 1:  Path Lights
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Gateway to the Dao-Field:

Chapter 1

Path Lights

Opening The Gateway opens A subtle breeze comes through The World changes, Forever.

—Lao-Tzu’s Mother1

—a. cohen

The Dao and Writer’s States of Consciousness

I have been told at times by colleagues that they understand my writing because they know my work, but they are concerned that those not as familiar with me as a person and the way my mind works will not be able to comprehend what I am trying to convey. Perhaps this concern is valid—especially in the academic arena. Writing for me is not an engineering or architectural exercise. I am not trying to win an argument. Rather, I am trying to express what emerges, offer an opportunity, and share an alternative perspective. I am interested to reach toward the inner world of you, my readers.