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Legacy in Dance Education: Essays and Interviews on Values, Practices, and People By ...

Chapter 1:  Legacy and Dance in Education
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Legacy in Dance Education:

Chapter 1

Legacy and Dance in Education

Thomas K. Hagood

Human beings are composite creatures. We are impressionable. We absorb values, habits of action and practice, and character traits from the people we live with and the places and activities we are exposed to. This important and inherent dimension of our human nature plays out in a variety of ways throughout our lives. As children we absorb what we are exposed to, with little in the way of self-awareness and critical reflection. Because as children we know no better, and because we have had few experiences to compare behaviors, conceptual referents, and developing attributes against, we imitate what we see adults doing, and when and how they do it. The processes of modeling and imitating the actions of our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and other important people in our lives are very important bases for future learning.