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Hopes and Fears: The Future of the Internet, Volume 2 By Lee Rainie and Janna Anders ...

Chapter 1:  A Global, Low-Cost Network Thrives
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Hopes and Fears:

Scenario 1

A Global, Low-Cost Network Thrives

Prediction: By 2020, worldwide network interoperability will be perfected, allowing smooth data flow, authentication, and billing; mobile wireless communications will be available to anyone anywhere on the globe at an extremely low cost.

Respondents‘ Reactions to This Scenario

Agree 56%
Disagree 43%
Did not respond 1%

Note. Because results are based on a nonrandom sample, a margin of error cannot be computed.

Consensus of Opinion: A great deal of innovation, investment of resources, and successful collaboration will have to be accomplished at the global level during the next 15 years for the elements of this proposed scenario to unfold in a positive manner. A majority of respondents reflect optimism, while a significant minority expresses pessimism.