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The Problematic of Video Art in the Museum, 1968–1990 By Cyrus Manasseh ...

Chapter Introduction:  Introduction
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The Problematic of Video Art in the Museum, 1968–1990


The designation “video installation” is not an accurate guide to what is undoubtedly the most complex art form in contemporary culture.1
A history is often created as an act of preservation within specific social structures.…The role museums and art organizations have played in institutionalizing video (a medium that, one must add, artists originally perceived as antithetical to the art establishment) has significantly shaped the field.2

The Scope of This Book

This text is specifically concerned with examining the Museum of Modern Art's influence, that stems from its own nationalistic preoccupations, upon the practices of other major art institutions globally. These would include the Centre Georges Pompidou (est. 1977), London's Tate Gallery (est. 1897), and the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) (est. 1874). In relation to their