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Women and the Democratic Party: The Evolution of EMILY's List By Jamie Pamelia Pimlot ...

Chapter 1:  An Introduction to Emily's List
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Women and the Democratic Party:

Chapter 1

An Introduction to Emily's List

EMILY's List made the “big time” in 2008, achieving national notoriety for its endorsement of Hillary Clinton's presidential bid just hours after she announced her candidacy in January 2007. In her endorsement, President and founder Ellen R. Malcolm promised to put the full weight of the organization behind Clinton:

As Sen. Clinton begins her historic journey, EMILY's List will be with her every step of the way—raising early money from our grassroots donor network of tens of thousands of EMILY's List members, using our vast political resources to help her build a strong national campaign, and mobilizing millions of women voters through our groundbreaking WOMEN VOTE! program to support her and every Democrat on the ticket in 2008. (Malcolm 2007)