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The Separation of Early Christianity from Judaism By Marianne Dacy ...

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The Separation of Early Christianity from Judaism


The third millennium did not begin well. Reconciliation between peoples is more urgent than ever. New forces are afflicting our planet. As a race, human beings are creating more and more complex forms of technology, but are we becoming further distanced from each other? Again, the looming threat of climate change cannot be ignored, and nations must learn to work together to face this most serious challenge. While the events of September 11th seriously shook the West, the tensions in the Middle East continue to cast their dark shadow over world politics. New fears have led to other forms of anti-Semitism and further demonising of the ‘other’.

The twentieth century witnessed one of the most horrific tragedies of all time. It is almost inconceivable that one nation, willingly aided by others, should attempt to annihilate the entire population of world Jewry and actually succeeded in destroying about half of it. The memory of the six million killed cannot be forgotten. Yet, despite the overwhelming weight of evidence, some do not accept the lessons of the Sho’ah, and others have attempted to deny that it ever happened. Tragically, other