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Governing the States and the Nation: The Intergovernmental Policy Influence of the Na ...

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Governing the States and the Nation:


The U.S. political system provides governors with opportunities to shape policy at many levels. From working with localities and quasi-governmental bodies, to crafting state budgets, to testifying before congressional committees in Washington, D.C., the modern-day governor fills many roles and is the key player at many of the crucial decision points in the development of policy. In recognition of this important fact, political scientists have worked to increase both the quality and quantity of the research on this office in the past three decades. Scholars such as Joseph Schlesinger, Larry Sabato, Thad Beyle, and Nelson Dometrius have helped push the field forward and have led the move toward truly understanding the office of the governor as it currently exists. Common knowledge of the formal and informal powers of governors, the factors that impact gubernatorial elections, and the factors that affect the ability of governors to work