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Philip Roth and the Zuckerman Books: The Making of a Storyworld By Pia Masiero ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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Philip Roth and the Zuckerman Books:


Everyone invents a fictitious character for himself
some time or other.

—Philip Roth

I’m telling the same story over and over which is myself
and the world. That’s all a writer ever does,
he tells his own biography in a thousand different terms.

—William Faulkner

The publication of The Human Stain in 2000 marked an important change in the presentation of Philip Roth’s published titles in the chronology chart. The standard, time-honored chronological “also by Philip Roth” list gave way to different groupings. Under the general heading “Books by Philip Roth,” the following appeared: “Zuckerman Books,” “Roth Books,” “Kepesh Books,” and “Other Books.” This new grouping has been repeated ever since in each new novel and used in reprints of the older ones.1