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Forgotten Partnership Redux: Canada-U.S. Relations in the 21st Century By Greg Anders ...

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Forgotten Partnership Redux:

Forgotten Partnership Redux

The Enduring Framework of Forgotten Partnership

Greg Anderson

In 1984 Charles Doran argued that Canada-U.S. relations were at a crossroads. Structural asymmetries, divergent interests, and both strategic and tactical missteps by Ottawa and Washington risked undermining the postwar comity between the two countries. Through the 1970s, Canada and the United States had moved along divergent paths, abandoning many elements of cooperation—institution building, deference, exceptionalism, and exemptionalism—that had until then characterized Canada-U.S. relations. Such was the uncertain state of bilateral relations that Ronald Reagan’s ambitious 1979 call for a “Continental Accord” seemed wildly out of step with the state of Canada-U.S.