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Marketplace Advocacy Campaigns: Generating Public Support for Business and Industry B ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction
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Marketplace Advocacy Campaigns:

Chapter 1


The Olympic Games bring to mind many images—highly skilled athletes competing in both individual and team events at the international level, the blending of sport with culture in elaborate opening ceremonies, and the Olympic torch relay and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. An image perhaps less quick-to-mind for most people involves corporate sponsorships of the Olympics by multinational companies.

The Olympic Games provide a unique opportunity for companies to link their brand to the Olympic message. Common themes in Olympic advertising and promotion include sports and competition (e.g., Adidas), travel (e.g., Air Canada, Air China, and Bombardier), food and beverages (e.g., Coca-Cola and McDonald’s), and capturing and sharing Olympic moments (e.g., Kodak, Samsung, and Panasonic). For most sponsors, an obvious connection to an Olympic theme exists. Visa, for example, has been an Olympic sponsor for decades, often featuring athletes and their journeys to the Olympics in its marketing campaign, which in 2006 cost the firm about $50 million each quadrennial (Jones, 2006).