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Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History: Revisiting Impulse, 1950–1970 By Thomas K ...

Chapter 1:  Impulse 1951
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Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History:

Chapter 1

Impulse 1951

Luke C. Kahlich

The cover for the inaugural issue of ImpulseImpulse! 1951includes an exclamation, indicating perhaps the excitement and energy behind an effort that had grown from a brief newsletter on its way to a major gathering of dance commentary. Although it was referred to as a “bay area dance publication,” on the cover is a graphic reproduction of an ancient Peruvian vase depicting a ceremonial dance. The broad conceptual range of the ten articles listed in the table of contents demonstrates a wide perspective of topics foreshadowing the ambitious mission of inquiry into the developing field of dance in the United States. In the preface, editor Marian Van Tuyl noted that this issue “moves out into a broader horizon” and that Impulse addresses “students of the dance, teachers, dancers, and interested members of the general public” (iv). Gathering ideas, creating pathways, and casting the net wide, away they went!