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Egypt: Ancient Histories, Modern Archaeologies By Rachael J. Dann and Karen Exell ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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Ancient Histories, Modern Archaeologies

Karen Exell and Rachael J. Dann

The chapters of this book span Egyptian history from the predynastic to the late Roman period, introduce early contemporary literary references to ancient Egypt, and use a number of theoretical approaches to examine the archaeological and textual data.

During the course of our research that we had undertaken for our very different areas—Rachael Dann’s on aesthetics and identity in the material culture of the royal X-group tombs of Lower Nubia (Dann, 2009), Karen Exell’s on social approaches to epigraphic evidence, in particular, Ramesside-period votive stelae (Exell, 2009)—we both found it essential to utilise social and archaeological theory in our work and experienced the benefits of working in an interdisciplinary manner. We organised a conference called Egypt: Ancient Histories, Modern Archaeologies