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International Relations and the Arctic: Understanding Policy and Governance By Robert ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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International Relations and the Arctic:


Understanding Policy and Governance
in the Arctic

Robert W. Murray and Anita Dey Nuttall

From the outset, the academic field of study that became known as international relations (IR) was preoccupied with the study of interstate relationships in the international system. Conflict, power, security, and the perception of and the prospects for peace have been constant themes in how scholars come to understand the international realm, as well as the various actors and trends involved in global complexity. Typical studies of international security and conflict have focused on two world wars, the Cold War and nuclear deterrence, civil conflicts, prospects for humanitarian intervention, gender and neocolonial issues, and, more recently, the effects of modern globalization processes. All of these matters are important in their own right, but there remains one