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Contemporary Hispanic Poets: Cultural Production in the Global, Digital Age By John B ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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Contemporary Hispanic Poets:


Reimagining the Poet in the Global Marketplace

By the end of the twentieth century, the act of writing poetry and, by extension, the role of the poet in society had been recontextualized by major shifts in the cultural landscape. Like many other traditional agents of modern cultural production, poets had to adapt to a new set of channels for distribution, consumption, and even production. In the neoliberal context, the channels by which the poet entered into the cultural economy grew increasingly more privatized. Privatization continues to be a looming reality in Latin America and Spain not only in terms of television and print media but in terms of the fine arts as well. Aside from corporate interests in television or print media, one can think of corporate sponsorship in the art world or of the massive conglomerations of numerous literary presses under the aegis of large multinationals. Simply put, then and now, the poet must navigate a new marketplace.

There is no shortage of attempts to historicize and apprehend this strange new moment. Manuel Castells has famously said that humanity today is living in the information age, and this information flows in