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Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations: Connecting Old and New Diasporas to the Ho ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations:


“Facebook Comme Vous Le Voulez”

Migration and the Imagining of African and Diasporic Identities and Homelands

Toyin Falola and Danielle Sanchez

“Soobax,” the breakout hit from K’naan, a Somali Canadian hip-hop artist, chronicles the trials and tribulations of life as a refugee:

So for real, who’s to blame
We lose lives over Qabiil’s name
Disregard for the soul
We just don’t give a fuck no more

Left alone, all alone
Settle your issues on your own
What to do? Where to go?
I got to be a refugee damn, soobax […]

Mogadishu used to be
A place where the world would come to see[…]