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The Quest for Leadership: Thomas E. Cronin and His Influence on Presidential Studies ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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The Quest for Leadership:


Thomas E. Cronin

Scholar, Leader, Mentor

Michael A. Genovese

The contributors and I compiled this volume as a small way of saying a big thank-you to Tom Cronin for all that he has done for us both in our fields of study and in our professions. Tom’s impact on us and many others has been and continues to be tremendous. There is no way we could repay him for his many kindnesses, but let this book serve as a down payment on our massive debt to him. And let us hope that Tom’s example spreads throughout our discipline and our society.

To me, Tom always seemed like a classic character out of a Frank Capra movie: humble, direct, modest, self-effacing yet smart as a whip, committed to principle, and a fighter for what is right even against—and especially against—great odds. Tom is the one to turn to when things were falling apart. He is the one we trust in times of stress and strain. He is the rock.

Thomas E. Cronin received his undergraduate degree from Holy Cross College and his PhD from Stanford University. He served as a White