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Giving this Country a Memory: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices of Australia By Anne Bre ...

Chapter 1:  Kim Scott
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Giving this Country a Memory:

Chapter 1

Kim Scott

Kim Scott is descended from the Wirlomin Noongar1 and grew up in Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. He is one of Australia’s best-known indigenous writers and has published three novels, True Country (1993), Benang (1999), and That Deadman Dance (2010). Both Benang and That Deadman Dance won several prestigious literary awards including the Miles Franklin Awards (of which he was the first indigenous winner). Scott has also published a family history, Kayang & Me (2005), written in collaboration with his Kayang (aunt/female elder), Hazel Brown. This book explores the way in which archives might be brought into dialogue with Noongar oral stories to reconfigure our understanding of issues such as identity, history, writing, and commemoration. Scott has also written several children’s books including Mamang (2011), Noongar Mambara Bakitji (2011), and The Dedgersaurus (2001). Scott’s historical novels and family history take their place within a substantial contemporary Noongar literary tradition in these genres. They are also part of a Noongar tradition of literary writing about first-contact encounters which includes work by writers such as Rosemary van den Berg, Glenyse Ward, Ted Wilkes, Jack Davis, Alf Taylor, and Graeme Dixon.