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New Approaches to Lusophone Culture By Natália Pinazza

Chapter :  Introduction
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New Approaches to Lusophone Culture


Lusophone Culture and
the Legacy of Colonialism

Natália Pinazza

The end of the Portuguese imperial expansion, which spanned almost six centuries, has given rise to the questions about what Portuguese-influenced cultures have in common and what the legacy of colonialism was to the national cultures of former Portuguese colonies. The intersection of different national cultures within the Portuguese-speaking world and their manifestation in various art forms requires a framework that is both intercultural and interdisciplinary in order to analyze Lusophone culture. In a postcolonial and democratic context, such new approaches are increasingly concerned with previously marginalized genres and subject matters in various disciplines and explore how a number of texts and films engaged with historical forces and problematized them through cultural representations. In light of these emerging intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches, this book presents a critical survey