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Pedro Zamora, Sexuality, and AIDS Education: The Autobiographical Self, Activism, and ...

Chapter :  Introduction
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Pedro Zamora, Sexuality, and AIDS Education:


Pedro Zamora

This book considers the phenomenal impact of Pedro Zamora, a young gay man of Cuban descent, who discovered that he had contracted HIV at the age of 17 and became a worldwide inspiration for HIV/AIDS education (see figure 1). Zamora passed away in 1994, only five years after discovering his HIV status. In such a short time, using his personal life and experiences, he managed to reach mass audiences. Jeanne Blake who worked closely with Zamora, summed up his contribution:

Pedro’s strength as an AIDS educator was that he believed to his core that he was fulfilling his purpose by speaking out about HIV/AIDS, teaching others to protect themselves and to love, support and care for others with HIV. He did this with remarkable candor and elegance.1

Pedro Zamora’s father Hector in the documentary The Day it Snowed in Miami (Joe Cardona 2014, US), in a heartfelt emotional display relates the contemporary meaning of Zamora’s life:

I have always considered myself as a type of “Superman.” The kind of man who thinks he can do it all. Until one day I realized that I was nothing. [Pedro] was much more than I. He was more