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Strangers at Home: Place, Belonging, and Australian Life Writing By Jack Bowers ...

Chapter 1:  Belonging and Estrangement
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Strangers at Home:

Chapter 1

Belonging and Estrangement

Then we headed south, where the surf came crashin’ in

From black an white tae colour, from innocence tae sin

It was summer in December, blowing heat waves in ma mind

People talkin’ funny, some cruel an some were kind

From the crackle of the cane, to the frown of a big black snake,

From the breakers at Bondi, down to Wallaga Lake

From the sound of a million fly screen doors, closing on the past

Like that chimney the fires couldn’t burn, I was built to last

Colin Hay, “Are You Lookin’ At Me?”

Colin Hay, best known as the front man for the band Men at Work, was born in Scotland, lived in Australia for many years, and now lives in the United States. Singing with a distinctive Scottish brogue, Hay builds this autobiographical vignette around a working class Scottish refrain, “Are you looking at me, pal?” Most obviously, Hay describes both a