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Chinese Women Writers and Modern Print Culture By Megan M. Ferry

Chapter :  Introduction
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Chinese Women Writers and Modern Print Culture


Gender and Media in the
Early Twentieth Century

In the works of women writers in general, there seems to be an indelible, covert sign. All you have to do is open the book and you can immediately tell the writer is a woman.

—Huang Ying1

The tabloids often say none of the Chinese women writers are beautiful…Why shouldn’t they be beautiful? …If so-and-so is devastatingly beautiful, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to develop her amazing literary genius.

—Su Qing2

After all, is there a gender that preexists its regulation, or is it the case that, in being subject to regulation, the gendered subject emerges, produced in and through that particular form of subjection? Is subjection not the process by which regulations produce gender?

—Judith Butler3