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Buddhist Transformations and Interactions: Essays in Honor of Antonino Forte By Victo ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction
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Buddhist Transformations and Interactions:

Chapter 1


Victor H. Mair

Buddhist Transformations and Interactions is a fitting tribute to Antonino Forte, or, as his friends all called him, “Nino.” I was privileged to know Nino personally, and I will describe in greater detail later what manner of man he was. But even before I met him, I knew that he was an outstanding scholar and—it appeared to me—a remarkably fine person.

There was, of course, that masterpiece of investigation, explication, and interpretation, Political Propaganda and Ideology in China at the End of the Seventh Century: Inquiry into the Nature, Authors and Function of the Tunhuang Document S. 6502, Followed by an Annotated Translation (Naples: Istituto Universitario Orientale, 1976). That was followed by the brilliantly insightful Mingtang and Buddhist Utopias in the History of the Astronomical Clock: The Tower, Statue and Armillary Sphere Constructed by Empress Wu, Serie Orientale Roma, 59; PEFEO, 145 (Rome / Paris: Istituto Italiano per el Medio ed Estremo Oriente / EFEO, 1988), and The