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The Trumping of American Politics: The Strange Case of the 2016 Presidential Election ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction
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The Trumping of American Politics:

Chapter 1


This is the story of America’s controversial 2016 presidential election. It was as entertaining as it was bizarre, as shocking as it was unusual. If nothing else, Donald Trump put the fun back into dysfunctional.

Back in my Vietnam War protest days, there was a chant that marchers would often repeat in unison: “The whole world is watching; the whole world in watching.” In 2016, the whole world was watching as Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president on the strength of bigotry, sexism, populist insurgency, and economic fears. He was the face of America to the world. And he is now our president.

And yet, one is left with the hope that we are so much better than that. “Make America Great Again?” No, we are a great, if imperfect, country, a shining city on the hill, even as we grope and fumble our way forward; a country that is best when we honor our ideals, but one that when we falter, we really falter. Our ideals distinguish us as our humanity keeps reminding us that we should be humble. It is when we strive for those ideals, when we reach out and up,