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The Soul of Jade Mountain By Husluman Vava

Chapter :  Author’s Preface
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The Soul of Jade Mountain

Author’s Preface

Memories of a Change of Key

It was so that the children could feel closer to their own people, including the present situation in the villages, our language and everyday life. Every year during summer vacation we used to go to visit a different Bunun village for a day, sometimes two. We would pick a time when there were no official holidays and there would not be too many people and cars around. Sometimes we would stay in a guesthouse run by villagers, other times it would be the parsonage of the local pastor. In the more remote areas, we would just pitch a tent and camp. Those were times when we were closest as a family. They were the happiest of times. One year we decided on Lidao Village in Taidong County. Aside for giving us the chance to enjoy the scenery of the Southern Cross-Island highway, the main reason for our choice was that all the villages to the south of the highway in Taoyuan Prefecture were places where Bunun people lived. For our purposes it was a real treasure trove. The scenery in the majestic mountains surrounding Lidao Village is nothing short of entrancing. We were filled with envy for our ancestors who once lived there. On our second day there, the sun shone brightly. As we drove, we had a perfect view of the forest on a beautiful day. But as we followed the twisting highway higher and higher into the mountains the air grew noticeably