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Access Denied: How Internet Filters Impact Student Learning in High Schools By Lynn S ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction
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Access Denied:

Chapter One


Statement of the Problem

Whenever I’m on the Internet here at school, there’s always somebody walking around behind you, checking over your shoulder to make sure you’re not doing anything inappropriate. I think if you are going to learn, you have to do some inappropriate things. If you’re learning history, you can’t just learn what is proper, you have to go read what others have written and some of it may just be inappropriate. – High School Boy (Levin and Arafeh, 2002, p. 20)

This study involves the application of intellectual freedom in the school setting. Intellectual freedom is the belief that human beings have the right to receive information and express themselves freely. As such, intellectual freedom is one of the most closely held core values of librarianship.