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The Impact of Internet Pornography on Married Women: A Psychodynamic Perspective By S ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction
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The Impact of Internet Pornography on Married Women:

Chapter One


The original purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of Roman Catholic women whose husbands use Internet pornography. I surmised that there was a connection between the Catholic Church’s education about matters of sex and sexuality and Catholic women’s experiences of their husbands’ use of pornography. However, after completing three one-hour in-depth interviews with five Catholic women, I found no religious derivatives in the raw data. In addition, the Roman Catholic women did not correlate Catholic teaching on morals and sexuality with their particular experiences of husbands’ use of Internet pornography. The revised question became “What are the experiences of women whose husbands use Internet pornography?” During the same time period, I attended a Co-addicts of Sex Addicts Anonymous (COSA) meeting and several women volunteered for the research study. These women brought a different perspective. After consultation with the chair of the research, we decided that analyzing the variations in the COSA women would provide interest and be more cogent.