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Cross-Border Cultural Production: Economic Runaway or Globalization? By Janet Wasko a ...

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Cross-Border Cultural Production:


This volume addresses issues revolving around the production of mediated cultural products across borders. More specifically, the authors consider cross-border cultural production in the film and television industries, and how it affects and is affected by media centers and, more recently, established production locations.

The film and television industries have long been recognized as playing important economic, political, and cultural roles. Although it could be argued that, historically, these forms of cultural production often have been international endeavors, the choice of production sites has become an especially contentious issue during the last few decades as global production has expanded. While some factions, notably from the U.S. film and television industries, refer to this issue as “runaway production,” we are interested in a much broader look at the implications and consequences of this phenomenon. Basically, cross-border production involves the expansion of production away from traditional centers, whether to other countries or to other locations within the same country. Thus, we are interested in a wide range of issues, involving economic and political considerations, as well as creative and aesthetic decision making.