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Allegory of Survival: The Theater of Kang-baek Lee (Hardcover) By translated by Alyss ...

Chapter :  Five
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Allegory of Survival:
to the average appearance of the men, the woman E has beautiful, luminous eyes. The boxes and barrels are spread out at a certain distance from each other. A'S is at the very left-hand side followed by B 'S, C 'S, D 'S, and E 'S at the end of the right-hand side.
    A: Could it be that they've smelled it?
    B: Smelled what?
    A: Smelled us.
    D: Why are you afraid that they could have smelled us out?
    A: Because of what the captain said. Since we're stowaways on this ship, he would be in trouble if other people smell us out.
    C: I paid the captain for my passage.
    B: Me, too. I don't care about other people.
    A: You think there's someone who didn't pay the captain here?
    D: You paid him, too?
    A: Yes. I paid the captain, but that's not all there is to it. Well, don't forget, everyone, that we are stowaways so it wouldn't help us much that we paid the captain for our passage. It's more likely that it would work against us. Let's say other people from this ship smell us out, what do you think would happen?
    C: (After having thought about it f or a long time.) I don't know. What would happen?
    A: And you?
    B & D: (They shake their heads.) Have no idea …
    E: (She just sits on her box and looks at the men.)
    A: So, no one knows except me. I'll explain it to you. When they have caught us, they will take us to the captain. Since he is the head of this ship, you see.
    B, C, & D: That would be such a good thing. Since we paid the captain, he will help us.
    A: Don't be so stupid. If we were to argue in front of other people that we have a right to be on this ship since we paid the captain, he will find himself in a bind. He would have