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Internet Popular Culture and Jewish Values: The Influence of Technology on Religion ...

Chapter 1:  Introduction
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Internet Popular Culture and Jewish Values:

Chapter 1


Are the values of students and their teachers threatened each time these individuals enter the uncharted waters of the Internet’s popular-culture content? The Internet has indeed “come of age,” and just as traditional mass media, the Internet has been increasingly examined for its positive and negative effects particularly on our children. While media-effects researchers have uncovered vast benefits from the ease of online access and the unlimited array of information, they have revealed concerns for our children from much of the Internet’s content. These concerns often center on values displayed that clash with values instilled by teachers and parents. How do educators and parents resolve these conflicts? Are these universal concerns wherever children and the Internet interact? Our study examined educators and children in Israel, but we believe our conclusions could be applied in other societies, whether in religious or secular venues or in public or private educational settings.