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David Foster: The Satirist of Australia By Susan Lever

Chapter :  Introduction
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David Foster:


David Foster is the most original, challenging, contradictory, risk-taking, and infuriating Australian novelist of his generation. He has written at least three novels—Moonlite (1981), Mates of Mars (1991) and The Glade Within the Grove (1996)—that offer grand and sweeping visions of the state of Australia and its place in the world, and they deserve to be read alongside the finest work of Patrick White, Xavier Herbert, and Joseph Furphy. To date he has published twelve novels, three collections of novellas and short stories, two books of poetry, and a collection of essays, and he has also written several produced radio plays. Four of Foster's novels have won major literary awards in Australia: his first novel, The Pure Land (1974), shared the first Age Book of the Year award (with volume three of Manning Clark's A History of Australia) in 1975; his second novel, Moonlite (1981), was the National Book Council Book of the Year for 1981; The Glade Within the Grove (1996) won the Miles Franklin award in 1997; and In the New Country (1999) was the inaugural Brisbane Courier-Mail Book of the Year in 1999. Foster's novels have attracted the admiration of many other writers and critics, including White, Geoffrey Dutton, Randolph Stow, and Annie Proulx, and his contribution to Australian writing has been recognised by