Professor Sean Kelly

Choosing to publish with Cambria is one of the smartest professional decisions I have ever made. From the rigorous peer review to the final product, the Cambria experience exceeds my experience with university presses. I really felt that Cambria cared about my book, and I know that they went the extra mile to produce a book of which I am very proud. Most importantly, I would choose to publish with Cambria again. I can offer no higher praise! — Professor Sean Kelly, Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars

Publishing Program

Below are some details regarding the Cambria's program. For a snapshot of our program, please also review the comparison matrix.


  1. Cambria Press is an independent publishing company.
  2. Cambria Press is a high-quality publisher of professional and academic research in the humanities and social sciences.
  3. Cambria Press publications must pass rigorous peer review in order to be published.
  4. Cambria Press carefully edits content for our authors.
  5. Cambria Press performs layout and design services for our authors.
  6. Cambria Press does not require under any circumstances grants, subsidies, or payments from institutions or authors for publication.
  7. Cambria Press usually publishes within 4-12 weeks after the peer-reviewed manuscript is approved.
  8. Cambria Press publishes in hardcover, softcover, pdf, and electronic formats.
  9. Cambria Press distributes content for reading devices including iPad, Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader and other devices and smartphones.
  10. Cambria Press distributes content for software readers including PDF, Mobipocket and others.
  11. Cambria Press prints simultaneously in USA and UK to reach all major English-speaking markets.
  12. Cambria Press provides free copies and special discounts to its authors.
  13. Cambria Press actively promotes and engages in journal review of its works.
  14. Cambria Press pays high royalties on every sale beginning with the first copy.
  15. Cambria Press provides authors 24/7 access to sales and royalty information via a personalized web portal.
  16. Cambria Press began operations in Cambria, New York but currently maintains its corporate offices in Amherst, NY.
  17. Cambria Press also operates a sales office in London, United Kingdom.


  1. Cambria Press books are on the approval plans of the premier library wholesalers, including Yankee Book Peddler, Baker & Taylor and major British and European distributors.
  2. Cambria Press books are also carried and distributed by Ingram for the trade channel.
  3. Cambria Press is a member of Bowker's PubNet Electronic Data Interchange Service.
  4. Cambria Press announces its books via Ingram's Advance book notification and Bowker Books in Print.
  5. Cambria Press is a member of Google's Book Search Program.
  6. Cambria Press distributes its books via,,, and other electronic intermediaries.
  7. Cambria Press books are manufactured in the USA and the UK for international distribution.
  8. Cambria Press books are priced in USD, GBP, and other international currencies.

The Publication Process

  1. Cambria Press evaluates a proposal on the basis of an outline, a sample chapter, or an entire manuscript.
  2. Cambria Press provides evaluation of proposals within 1-3 weeks.
  3. If the proposal is accepted, the work must undergo and pass peer review.
  4. Cambria Press requests that the scholar provide content from word processed files. Cambria Press then edits and professionally prepares camera-ready copy using advanced book design software.
  5. Cambria Press custom designs full-color covers for its books.
  6. Cambria Press will determine, in consultation with the author, the title of the published work.


  1. As an academic publisher, Cambria Press targets primarily the research library market.
  2. The research library market is reached by partnering with the major wholesalers and jobbers that serve librarians and libraries throughout North America and internationally. In addition, academic opinion leaders, review journals, and academic librarians are also directly targeted.
  3. When appropriate, the specialized classroom market is reached by identifying academic programs and classes that may benefit from the book and reaching decision makers in those programs.
  4. All Cambria books are also available to individual readers through our partnership with a large number of online retailers and intermediaries, including,, and and by reaching individual bookstores through our distribution with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other distributors.
  5. Cambria books are assigned an ISBN number and a CIP (Catalog-in-Publication Number) by the Library of Congress.
  6. Cambria Press accepts book returns.
  7. Cambria Press publications are marketed on our Web site and may have online exercises and interactive features to support, update, and complement the material.
  8. Cambria Press provides free review copies to journals.
  9. Cambria Press operates social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blogs.

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