The Shaping of Popular Consent: A Comparative Study of the Soviet Union and the United States 1929-1941

by Alexander McGregor

Table of Contents



Part One: The Glorification of the Establishment

Chapter One: The glorification of the establishment through historical heroes

Chapter Two: The glorification of the establishment through modern heroes

Chapter Three: The glorification of the establishment through depictions of a soon-to-be-reached utopia

Part One Conclusion

Part Two: The Representation of Foreign Enemies

Chapter Four: Defending the society from foreign enemies

Chapter Five: Representations of the new foreign enemy – Nazism

Chapter Six: Representations of the traditional enemy – American capitalism versus Soviet communism

Part Two Conclusion

Part Three: Shaping the Public Image of Internal Villains, Outsiders and Independent Groups

Chapter Seven: Shaping the public image of religious institutions

Chapter Eight: Devil and God-building

Chapter Nine: The representation of economic and law subversives

Part Three Conclusion





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