Fascist and Anti-Fascist Propaganda in America: The Dispatches of Italian Ambassador Gelasio Caetani

by Pellegrino Nazzaro

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Italy from the American Immigration Quota Act of 1921 to Mussolini's Policy of Grossraum, 1921-1924

Chapter 2: Early Fascism in America as Quest for Italianit√°

Chapter 3: Fascism in America: Conspiracy or Quest for Italian-U.S. Solidarity?

Chapter 4: Fascism in America in the Aftermath of Matteotti's Murder

Chapter 5: Fascism and Factionalism

Chapter 6: Fascism in America and the Bastianini-Caetani Conflict

Chapter 7: Anti-Fascist Opposition of the Italian Chamber of Labor of America

Chapter 8: Anti-Fascist Opposition and the Disbanding of the Fascist League of North America

Chapter 9: Modigliani's Visit to the United States and the Origins of the American Labor Party

Chapter 10: Italian-Americans and the Ethiopian Crisis

Chapter 11: Mussolini's Reaction to the Giordano Plan

Chapter 12: Gelasio Caetani: His Ancestry, Life, and Career


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