Sons of Garibaldi in Blue and Gray: Italians in the American Civil War

by Frank W. Alduino and David J. Coles

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Photo Acknowledgments

1. The Early Italian Experience

2. Giuseppe Garibaldi: The Hero of Two Worlds

3. Ye come from many a far off clime; And speak in many A tongue: The Garibaldi Guard

4. Edward Ferrero: From Ballroom to Battlefield

5. Luigi Palma di Cesnola: An Italian Cavalier in the Union Cavalry

6. Francis Barretto Spinola: A Tammany Politician Goes to War

7. Alberto Maggi and Enrico Fardella: Two Professional Soldiers

8. The Sons of Neptune: Italian Americans in the Union Navy

9. Italians in Gray


A. John Garibaldi Letters

B. Hospital Life in the Army of the Potomac

C. Union Naval Enlistments



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