Chinatown in Britain: Diffusions and Concentrations of the British New Wave Chinese Immigration

by Wai-ki E. Luk

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Introduction - Towards a Study of Chinese Social Geographies

Defining 'Chinese' and 'Chinatown'

Structure of the Study

Chapter 1 - Data and Methods

Data Sources

Methods and Procedures

Chapter 2 - Chinese Diaspora in Great Britain

Chinese Diaspora and the Global Distribution of Overseas Chinese

Old Diaspora

New Diaspora

Invisible Members of the Diasporic Community

Diversified Origins


Chapter 3 - The Life, Death, and Life of Chinatowns

Chinatowns in White perception

A Cycle of Change

Emergence and Development of British Chinatowns and Chinese Settlements

Chinatown Reoriented: Retrospect and Prospect


Chapter 4 - The Chinese Geographies: Distribution, Structure, and Change

The Chinese Geographies: A White-Market Distribution

Chinese Urban Hierarchy and Rank-Size Distribution


Chapter 5 - Ethnic Residential Mobility and Segregation

Together or Apart? A Brief Review on Ethnic Segregation and Assimilation

Chinese residential segregation patterns in London, Manchester, and Birmingham

British Model of Chinese Segregation in Comparative Perspective

Summary of the Distributional Evidence

Chapter 6 - Subethnic Differences in Settlement Patterns

Part I: Subethnic Chinese Immigration to Great Britain

Situating Subethnic Chinese

Structural Change in Chinese Immigration

Part II: Subethnic Chinese Settlement Patterns

Assimilationist and Pluralist Models of Subethnic Chinese Settlement

Intergenerational Differences in Chinese Settlement Patterns

Conclusion: The Chinese Salad Bowl

Chapter 7 - Conclusion: The Future of Chinese Geographies

Chinese Immigration and Settlements: A Summary

A British Model of Chinese Settlements

The Challenge Ahead: Rising out of Chinatown?






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