Urban Brazil: Visions, Afflictions, and Governance Lessons

by Ivani Vassoler

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figure

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Chapter 1: Studying Urban Governance

The Inquiry and Explanatory Factors

Urbanization: Past and Present

The Urban Political Economy

City Programs

Chapter 2: Coping with Urban Problems

Urban Mobility in Curitiba

Environmental Management

Curitiba: The Incremental Approach on Environmental Quality

Continuous Improvement: Curitiba's Approach to Integrative Urban Development

Chapter 3: Explaining Institutional Change

Public Entrepreneurs: Political Commitment and Urban Reform

Municipal Agencies: A Catalyst for Change

Genesis and Evolution of the IPPUC

Building Consensus Around Urban Visions

Coping with Discord

Chapter 4: What Has Ailed São Paulo?

From Village to Metropolis

Governance Strategies Adrift

Is it All About Planning?

Chapter 5: Lessons from the Urban Laboratory

Government, Politics and Urban Visions


Appendix I: Abridged Version of the 1965 Curitiba Master Plan

Appendix II: Illustrations




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