David Foster: The Satirist of Australia

by Susan Lever

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Scientist, Artist, Satirist

The Making of a Manichee

The Satirist

Critical Approaches

Chapter 2: 'Hey listen Australia! Wake up to yourself will you!' Early Works

North South West

The Pure Land

The Fleeing Atalanta

Escape to Reality

The Empathy Experiment

Chapter 3: Satirical Histories: Moonlite and The Adventures of Christian Rosy Cross


The Adventures of Christian Rosy Cross

Chapter 4: A Thousan' Miles from Nowhere: Plumbum and Dog Rock


Dog Rock

Chapter 5: Men's Business: Testostero and Mates of Mars


Mates of Mars

Chapter 6: A Religion for a Philosophy: The Glade Within the Grove and The Ballad of Erinungarah

The Glade Within the Grove

The Ballad of Erinungarah

Chapter 7: Back to the Holy Isle

Studs and Nogs

In the New Country

The Land Where Stories End

A Year of Slow Food

Conclusion: Surviving as a Writer

Works Cited

Bibliography of Works by and about David Foster



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