Don DeLillo, Jean Baudrillard, and the Consumer Conundrum

by Marc Schuster

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ruth Helyer

Introduction: The Number Justifies Itself: DeLillo, Baudrillard, and Consumer Culture

Chapter 1: Shopping for Its Own Sake: Don DeLillo's System of Objects

Chapter 2: Escaping the Third Person Singular: Americana and the Semiotic Challenge

Chapter 3: Another Media Event? Players and the Specter of Terrorism

Chapter 4: Calculating Terror: Signification and Symbolic Exchange in Don DeLillo's The Names

Chapter 5: Seduction of the Ambivalent: Fatal Strategy in Libra

Chapter 6: One Beat Away from Elevator Music: Mao II and the Artist in Opposition

Chapter 7: To Vandalize Their Eyeballs: Underworld's Graffiti Instinct

Chapter 8: Slow, Spare and Painful: Body Time and Object Time in The Body Artist

Chapter 9: Conclusion––An Element of Doubt: Cosmopolis and the Specter of Ambivalence

Postscript: Creating a Structure out of Willful Trivia: Falling Man and the Unbearable Ambivalence of Being


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