Chinese in Australian Fiction, 1888–1988

by Ouyang Yu

Table of Contents


Part I. Historical and Theoretical Issues

Chapter 1: ‘The Chinese Question’: An Historical Overview

Chapter 2: The Other Question: An Orientalist Discourse?

Part II. 1888–1901

Chapter 3: The ‘Heathen Chinee’

‘Those Bad Chinese’: The Bulletin School of Writers

‘Faceless Invaders: Fear of the Other in William Lane and Works of Invasion

‘Power over the Chinese: Guy Boothby and Carlton Dawe

‘Hume Nisbet: An Exception?

Part III. 1902–1949

Chapter 4: The ‘Sinister Orientals’

‘White Australia’ and the ‘Yellow Peril’

‘Old Stereotypes Alive and Kicking

‘Double Half-castes: Xavier Herbert and Others

‘The Chinese in Anglo-Australian Writing

Chapter 5: The Chinese with White Hearts

‘The White Chinaman

‘The Better Chinese

‘The Other Half of the Other

Part IV. 1950–1988

Chapter 6: Politicised Orientalism (1950–1972)

‘The Chinese in Anti-Communist Writing

‘Hong Kong Novels: The Trio of Sin

‘George Johnston and His China Novels

‘David Martin: A White Communist

Chapter 7: In the Continuum (1973–1988)

‘Christopher Koch and Representations of the Chinese in Recent ‘Asian’ Writing

‘The Chinese in New ‘China’ Novels

‘A Retrogression: The Chinese Takeover

‘Brian Castro: The Other Representing the Other


Author Commentary


‘1. Australian Fiction

‘2. Australian Poems and Plays

‘3. General




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