Up for Grabs: The Future of the Internet I

by Lee Rainie, Janna Anderson, and Susannah Fox

Table of Contents



Summary of Findings

Part 1. Introduction

Part 2. Institutions

Part 3. Social Networks

Part 4. Network Infrastructure

Part 5. Digital Products

Part 6. Civic Engagement

Part 7. Embedded Networks

Part 8. Formal Education

Part 9. Democratic Processes

Part 10. Families

Part 11. Extreme Communities

Part 12. Politics

Part 13. Health System Change

Part 14. Personal Entertainment

Part 15. Creativity

Part 16. Internet Connections

Part 17. Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Part 18. Reflections


Appendix I. Early 1990s Perspectives

Appendix II. Participant Biographies

Appendix III. Line Data and Topline Results


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