Viking Women: The Narrative Voice in Woven Tapestries

by Lena Norrman

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Visual and Verbal Art: Orality, Poetry, and Representation in Classical Greek and Old Norse Narratives

Introduction: Weaving a Text

Weaving and Gender

Weaving as a Sign of the Feminine

Mythical Spinners

Weaving as a Literary Technique

Visual Poetry

Female Literary Weavers: Athena and Arachne


Helen, Guðrún, and Brynhildr

Woven Tragedies

Women Weaving Texts and Textiles

Chapter 2: Culture, Gender, and Storytelling

Weaving as Performance

Performance and Gender

Nordic Figurative Weavings

Weaving a Text

Weaving in a Feminine Setting

An Introduction to The Saga of the Völsungs

Chapter 3: Visual Poetry, Weaving Meaning: Micronarratives in the Nordic Oral Tradition

A Reading of the Överhogdal Tapestry

Tapestry 1a


The Tree

The Ships



The Hall

Tapestry 1b

Concluding Remarks

Epilogue: Saint Birgitta and Gendered Verbal Performance in the Scandinavian Middle Ages




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