Social Network Structures and the Internet: Collective Dynamics in Virtual Communities

by Dongyoung Sohn

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary


Virtual Communities and Communication Dilemma

Chapter 1: Social Dimension of Interactive Media

The Current Status of Interactive Advertising Research

Medium-In-Interaction: A Sociological Turn

Bridging Interpersonal and Mass-Mediated Dimensions

Media Evolution and Changing Communication Environment

Network, Communication, and the Flow of Market Information

Chapter 2: Group Information Exchange and Communication Dilemma

Social Exchange and Diffusion of Information

Narrow Rationality and Social Dilemma

Communication Dilemmas in a Virtual Community

From Group to Network: A Structural Solution

Chapter 3: Hypotheses

The Effects of Structural Change

The Effects of Group Size

Social Value Orientation

Formation of Group Identity

Chapter 4: Methodology

Pretest 1

Pretest 2

Main Experiment

Chapter 5: Results

Chapter 6: Discussion

Chapter 7: Implications and Conclusion

Theoretical Implications

Limitations and Issues for Future Research

Managerial Implications



List of Abbreviations




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