Countermeasures, the International Legal System, and Environmental Violations: When Two Wrongs Make A Right for the Environment

by Hjörtur B. Sverrisson

Table of Contents



Introduction and Main Findings

PART I: Countermeasures, Sovereignty, and the International Legal System

Chapter 1: Introduction and Organization

Chapter 2: Sovereignty and the Incompleteness of International Law

Chapter 3: Unilateral Acts of States or International Organizations Not Addressed In This Book

Chapter 4: The Concept of Countermeasures and the Teachings of Highly Qualified Publicists

Chapter 5: Countermeasures and International Tribunals

Chapter 6: Final Remarks

PART II: The Elements of Countermeasures: Requirement and Obstacles

Chapter 1: Introduction and organization

Chapter 2: Considerations Regarding the Legality of Prospective Countermeasures

Chapter 3: Procedural conditions for countermeasures

Chapter 4: Considerations Related to the Taking of Countermeasures

Chapter 5: Conditions that might preclude countermeasures

Chapter 6: Final Remarks on the Concept of Countermeasures

PART III: Countermeasures and Environmental Threats: Case Studies

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Case Studies: Fisheries

Chapter 3: Case Studies: Trade Related Countermeasures

Chapter 4: Conclusions





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