Education, Migration, and Cultural Capital in the Chinese Diaspora: Transnational Students Between Hong Kong and Canada

by Johanna L. Waters

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Introduction: Education, Transnational Migration, and Social Class in East Asia

Chapter 1: Globalisation, Neoliberalism, and the Transformation of Education

Examinations and Credentials

The Geography of Education and Neoliberalism

Internationalisation and the Business of Education

Institutional Initiatives and New Strategic Geographies of Education

Entrenching Standardisation in Education

Some Concerns About the Consequences of Internationalisation

Chapter 2: Internationalisation, Transnationalism and Education in Canada

Neoliberalism and Education in Canada

Government and IE

Federal Initiatives on IE

Provincial Initiatives on IE

Municipal Initiatives: Vancouver School Board

Institutional Initiatives: The University of British Columbia

Chapter 3: Education and Middle-Class Strategies in Contemporary Hong Kong

Pessimism and Uncertainty

Educational Expansion and Credential Inflation

Additional Precipitating Factors in Migration

Middle-Class Sanctuaries: International Schools

The Importance of Habitus in Directing Migration

Experiences of Education in Hong Kong

Chapter 4: Transnational Families and Education in Canada

Global Geographies of Educational Distinction

Local Geographies of Cultural Capital

The Magical Properties of the University Degree

Spatial Strategies and Educational ‘Choice’

The Creation of a ‘Transnational Class’

Chapter 5: Return to Hong Kong: Transnational Geographies of Cultural Capital

The Superiority of the Overseas Education: How ‘Failure’ is Turned to Gold

Chapter 6: Employability into the Future: Capital and the Ongoing Pursuit of Positional Advantage

Employability and Positional Advantage

Corporate Sociability

Putting in ‘Face Time’

Pursuing ‘Rarer Goods’: Specialisation and the MBA

Conclusion: Transnational Education: Geographies of Cultural Capital





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