After the Disaster: Re-creating Community and Well-Being at Buffalo Creek since the Notorious Coal-Mining Disaster in 1972

by T. P. Schwartz-Barcott

Table of Contents

List of Tables


Foreword by John C. Allen


Part I: Then

Chapter One: Before, During, and Soon After the Flood

Chapter Two: Experts’ Accounts of Disasters and the Disaster at Buffalo Creek

Part II: Since Then

Chapter Three: Rebuilding the Infrastructure since 1972

Chapter Four: Being with People of Buffalo Creek

Chapter Five: Comparing People of Buffalo Creek, Elk Creek, and St. John

Part III: Now, the Future, and the Past

Chapter Six: Reprising and Re-appraising Our Accounts, Methods, and Memories

Chapter Seven: Future Prospects and Recommendations for Buffalo Creek and for Small Communities in Rural America

Epilogue by Raamie Barker






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