Postcolonial Literary History and Indian English Fiction

by Paul Sharrad

Table of Contents


Introduction: Handcuffed to History

Chapter 1: Desani Redressed: Baroque Folds and the Postcolonial Novel

Chapter 2: The Cloth of History: Carlyle, Leibniz, and the Great Trotter

Chapter 3: Blackbirding: Diaspora Narratives and the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

Chapter 4: Spirits of Place: Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain and Namita Gokhale’s The Book of Shadows

Chapter 5: Frozen Relations: The Incest Motif in Indian English Fiction

Chapter 6: Roy Recites A History Lesson

Chapter 7: Folding up the Family: Impossible Metaphors of Nation

Chapter 8: A Turn in the South: Ranga Rao and Bharati Mukherjee

Chapter 9: The Ties that Bind? Freedom, Free Fall, and Family in Diasporic Fiction

Chapter 10: Writing through glass: Fiction and History in Kesavan, Rushdie, and Ghosh

Chapter 11: What Really Happened: Myth, History, and Vikram Chandra

Chapter 12: Conclusion




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